Blastreat's range of services

Blastreat offers blast cleaning and finishing for industrial and architectural products to some of Britain’s largest and most successful engineering and metalworking companies.

Our large and versatile factory facilities ensure that we achieve fast and efficient turnarounds of of all types of work, including heavy and awkward items. Our transport is available for collection
and delivery if required.

For further information, please use the links below. To find out more and talk about your project, please contact our sales manager on 01903 883262 or send an email to

Powder coating

A tough versatile finish

Powder coating is a hard, durable decorative finish that can be applied to steel and aluminium. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures, including metallic and hammer finishes.

Stove enamelling

A traditional baked-on paint finishing process

A hard protective engineering coating in a wide range of textures and colours, including smooth, hammer and spatter finishes.

Sprayed paint finishes

Blastreat offers a wide range of possible options

The range of possible options expands every year, as new paints are developed, but broadly fall into the categories of single pack chemically-resistant paints, two pack chemically-resistant paints and oil and alkyd-based paints.

Sprayed zinc or aluminium

We can supply a protective coating of zinc or aluminium

Zinc or aluminium in molten particles is flame-sprayed onto clean, prepared surfaces through a hand-held gun. Hot zinc or aluminium metal spraying provides an effective and resilient barrier to corrosion on steelwork and fulfils all of the criteria for an excellent protective substrate.

Shot blasting

Preparation of surfaces prior to coating or painting, or as a decorative finish

For stripping and preparing surfaces for subsequent coating, a variety of grits and particles can be used for different effects. Decorative finishes can be applied using glass beads which give an elegant satin finish.