Stove enamel

Stove enamelling is a traditional baked-on paint finishing process. It offers a hard protective engineering coating in a wide range of textures and colours, including smooth, hammer and spatter finish.

Stove enamelling substitutes well for powder coating for small batch sizes, where components are not suitable for stoving to high temperatures, but can be cooked up to 120 degrees. Pre-treatment is done by chemically degreasing surfaces and, where appropriate, by grit blasting. Thickness can be controlled to specification from 25 to 250 microns by the number of coats applied from the spray gun by the applicator.


  • Stove enamelling is governed by BS5493: 1977 Parts 1-3.


  • Our ovens enable us to handle heavy items up to 2.26m long x 2.8m wide x 2.34m high.


  • Film thickness gauges.
  • Cross hatch adhesion tests.
  • Scratch resistance tests.
  • Gloss level tests.