Shot blasting

Preparation of surfaces before painting or as a decorative finish

For stripping and preparing surfaces for subsequent coating, chilled iron grit is the usual choice.

By controlling the grade of the grit and the particle velocity used, both the cleanliness of the object and the profile of the surface can be varied.

For non-ferrous materials and stainless steel, aluminium oxide particles with different particle coarseness or 'mesh size' are used to give varying profiles.

Decorative finishes can be applied using glass beads which give an elegant satin finish to materials such as stainless steel, without the risk of ferrous contamination.

Subsequent treatments available

  • Metal spraying holding or blast primer paint systems
  • Stove enamelling
  • Powder Coating


  • We have three blast rooms up to 6.3m long x 3.4m wide x 2.7m high, as well as 1 bead blasting room 1.96m long x 3.91m wide x 2.34m high. Our fork lift trucks enable us to handle up to 3 tonnes per item.


  • BS 4232 1967 1st, 2nd quality
  • Swedish Standard SIS 05 59 00 SA2.5 and SA3


  • Visual inspection against colour/cleanliness chart
  • Tests for surface profile roughness