Zinc or aluminium spray

A protective coating of zinc or aluminium in molten particles is flame sprayed onto clean, prepared surfaces through a hand held gun. Hot zinc or aluminium metal spraying provides an effective and resilient barrier to corrosion on steelwork and fulfils all of the criteria for an excellent protective substrate.

The thickness can be varied to produce different life spans depending on the environment, but are typically between 50 and 150 microns.

A controllable thickness, smooth even consistent finish, fused on, tough and resilient coating, well keyed surface for subsequent painting, no damage or distortion during treatment.

Zinc and aluminium are anodic “sacrificial” coatings that protect by oxidising in preference to the steel substrate, other cathodic coatings (e.g. copper or nickel) can be applied by the same method, these rely on keeping an undamaged barrier around the substrate to protect it.

Electronic components can also be metal coated by the same process to prevent radio frequency interference.

Subsequent treatments available

  • Sealing by priming is advisable to penetrate and fill pores, leaving a fully-protected and smooth finish.
  • Painting or stove enamelling can be added to provide decorative finishes and extend the longevity of the coating.
  • Powder coating can be applied to provide a tough consistent coating over the rustproofing qualities of zinc spray.


  • Our fork lift and large rooms enable us to handle items up to 3 tonnes, 12m long x 7m wide x 2.8m high.


  • BS 2569/BS EN 22063:1993
  • BS5493 1977
  • Association of Metal Sprayers advisory notes


  • Film thickness gauges
  • Cross hatch adhesion test